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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[ENG TRANS] Lee Min Ho - Qualified for Hallyu Star, "Nervous and strange, feeling honored and Lovely" - 13.09.2016

XSportNews interview actor Lee Min Ho, who has represent the 'Hallyu Star' from South Korea for our 9th Anniversary. Besides Lee Min Ho, who has reach the 'National" level in his respective fields, we also had the chance to interview Jang Geun Seok and Hwang Ji Yeol. 

[XSportNews: Jeong Ji Won] Actor Lee Min Ho who has reach his popularity through the drama KBS2 'Boys Over Flowers', then continuing with SBS 'Faith', movies from 'Gangnam 1970' to 'Bounty Hunters'. Lee Min Ho's popularity has reach beyond Asia, representing the name of 'Hallyu Star' from South Korea, his own name has been renowned in the world.The next project he will be working on will be SBS 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' with Jeon Ji Hyun' that was proposed to air by the end of the year, ready to yet once again bring out what the name has got. 

◆ Have you ever feel pride, or perhaps a sense of responsibility behind the name as the representatives of 'Hallyu Star' from South Korea?
- I think at some point, the title 'Hallyu Star' from South Korea was too glorious for me but yet of course i am feeling really grateful even when i'm still familiarizing myself with the title. Of course Responsibility is a must, and being careful all the time. Rather than myself, i believe that when i saw my local and international fans who cheer for me, that is when i will feel proud. 

◆ Do you ever feel that power from yourself as the 'Hallyu Star' from South Korea?
- I feel it of course, since because each time i started to work on something, a project especially a drama or a movie, it become a big issue not only in South Korea but also in the world media. Language and Cultural differences seems to disappear and through my work visit, i can get to see my overseas fans who studied Korean, wanted to see Korea and wanted to know more, learning Korean Culture make me think "Is this the power of the 'Hallyu Star' from South Korea?"

◆ We are actually wondering about your latest project
- Right now i just took the offer of the drama SBS 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' that was scheduled to air in November. Probably i will go to Spain and another interview will be done and release from there. 

◆ It has been 3 years since SBS 'Heirs'
- Yes and i indeed still feel the nervousness. Especially for SBS 'The Legend of the Blue Sea', i will be taking a double role for the first time, not to mention as a genius con-artist in which the character should be able to show many colors and varieties. Personally, i hope my fans will support me, i will do my best, though not expecting so many things. 

◆ Do you perhaps have any message directed to International and Korean fans?
- I sincerely wanted to say Thank You to everyone who had stay with me throughout this time. I can always feel the good energy from all of you and learning a lot from all of you. And like what i always say, i hope everyone would be healthy and lead a happy life. 

◆ Please deliver your congratulations message for XportNews for our 9th Anniversary
- Happy 9th Anniversary for XSportNews, i will be looking forward to further development. Please be happy and healthy always. Thank You. / Photos = MYMEntertainment
credit: monika sentiono
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